How to Downgrade iOS?

Downgrading is installing Apple previous iOS firmware version. There are several reasons for iOS downgrade such as

With every OS release, Apple brings new features / device performance improvements and bug fixes. However, some users reported they have poor device performance ex-battery life / Wi-Fi after the upgrade. So this time, they searching downgrade possibilities.

Sometime jailbreak tool developers are releasing jailbreak tool for older OS versions. So you can jailbreak with the downgrade.

ios downgrade1

Downgrade Compatibility

You cannot downgrade to any OS version. Currently, you can only downgrade iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2 version.


How to downgrade preparation / guide

Before start downgrade process, you should complete necessary requirements such as

Download latest iTunes version

You must disable Touch ID feature and passcode- Settings > Touch ID & Passcode

touch id off-1

Turn off find my iPhone – Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone

find my iphone off-1

Download specific IPSW file according to your Device model.

Download latest iTunes version

download itunes

Plug device to PC

Open iTunes and go to Summary panel and click Connected iOS Device

Now click iTunes Restore option with following keys

Windows – Left Shift Key

Mac – Option + Alt

Now select previously installed IPSW file

Now iTunes will start Restore and once finished go through Settings and setup the Device.


Downgrade from iOS beta

If you are running on iOS beta version, you can restore the device to again back to current running version anytime.

So just follow up below tutorial to downgrade iOS public beta to the current version of iOS.

Make sure to download and run latest iTunes version.

Now put your device into recovery mode and restore

Once restore complete, setup your device to archived backup (you should choose this backup from earlier iOS version)


Downgrade after stop sign

After Apple stop firmware sign, you cannot downgrade with the support of iTunes as a normal. Therefore, you should save SHSH blobs for the future downgrade.

shsh save

How to save SHSH blobs?

For the SHSH blobs save you should use compatible software. At this time, TinyUmbrealla / iFaith and Redsn0w are the common software.

TinyUmbrealla compatibility – up to iOS 8.1.2

iFaith compatibility – up to iOS 6.1.3

Redsn0w compatibility – up to iOS 6.1.5


Downgrade troubleshooting

iTunes incompatible firmware error – make sure to download correct firmware version according to your device model.

iTunes Error 3194 – if you receive this message continuously while on downgrade you cannot complete downgrade because Apple closed signing window.

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