iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1.6 or 6.1.3 P0sixspwn jailbreak

Lots of iPhone 3GS users didn’t update it’s iOS up to iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.6, until release the jailbreak tool to jailbreak these two iOS versions. Now you can use P0sixspwn tool to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 and iOS 6.1.3. How ever both iOS users have to follow the differnt tool guide to jailbreak iPhone 3GS for Cydia. We have given the tools and tool’s guide manually, until we release the new version of Cydia installer.

iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1.3

It is available P0sixspwn 1.0.7 tool to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3. Windows and Mac users can use the same guide to jailbreak your iDevice. There is nothing any tool for the Linux users. Course, developer of this tool has released Windows and Mac tool versions besides Linux version. So, we highly recommend you to use this guide to download and install Cydia for your iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.3 version.

jailbreak iPhone 3Gs iOS 6.1.3 guide for Windows and Mac users

iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1.6

Even if, it supports to jailbreak P0sixspwn for this device and the version, it has the little bit different method. Actually, it is the little bit complicative and little bit hard to complete. So, we highly recommend you to read the guide and important notes several times, until you can understand well. How ever, we have given the guide simply. Here is the link of the guide and the important notice. Before start the guide, read and understand the important notice well.

How to download Cydia for iOS 6.1.6 with P0sixspwn

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