Download Cydia without jailbreaking

There isn’t any way to download Cydia without jailbreaking. Lots of people ask Cydia without jailbreaking. They think, they will lost App store apps after the jailbreak. It is wrong. By jailbreaking you can get Cydia app as well as App store apps. And also, there is no way to download Cydia without jailbreaking.

You must jailbreak your device if you want the Cydia.

Apple doesn’t allow to install any third party applications to their products. Apple has locked the system root of all iDevices. Cydia is the most popular third party application for Apple devices. When you jailbreak your device using a compatible jailbreaking tool, it installs Cydia automatically to your device.

When you install the Cydia you can download thousands of liberated apps, themes through Cydia’s apps manager. You can use Cydia to manage third party liberated apps. It act as the Apple app store for liberated apps. But many of Cydia apps are completely free to use. You can install awesome system and general apps for free through Cydia. Cydia apps are not available in Apple App Store.

Conclusion – You must have Cydia if you want to feel real experience with your iDevice.

Install Cydia using iFile

If you have already jailbroken your device and Cydia has been disappeared accidentally you can use iFile to restore Cydia.

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I like this




Cydia insaller


Iam happy




need for iOS 7.0.4


Hi I have a problem my iPhone 5 ios 7.0.4 jailbreak already but month later lost cydia because I played it so how can I get it again without computer ? Thank


Great app


wow. great post.



Eve I Pad

I like Cydia so much.


Cydia is the best for iphone


Hey. you are awesome. keep it up,


Siempre e querido tener cydia me han dicho cosas buenas de el cydia


I don’t know how to download cydia


How to lnstall cydia


i thought it is possible to get cydia without jailbreaking. now i know jailbreak it must. thank for telling it.

yoel mark

nice. like to thanksful

Bros Len

I can’t install cydia


Lol cydia


this has something special than other sites to get cydia. different method. nice.


Hello Cydia Admin, thanks for the valuable information.

free Cydia download

i used this. worked. thanks for the cydia installer.

This apρ iѕ capable of ԁoing downlοading and installing а lot of the apps on Cydia ( along with several of it’s own apps.


Vreau cydia

download Cydia apps

It is surely a sensible proceed to explore your options before spending your funds on something and know if you might be even obtaining the features you expect out of your software. It could be jailbreak using jailbreak tools for example blackra1n, l1merain,spirit jailbreak and several more. any how we are expecting cydia atleast next year.


It’s nice


Hi I have a problem my iPhone 5 ios 7.0.4 jailbreak already but month later lost cydia because I played it so how can I get it again without computer ? Thank


I don’t know if it lose it


If i install cydia,will it work if I upgrade my iphone’s version?

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