Download Cydia without jailbreaking

Lots of IOS users have common question and some of them asked it personally, whether Cydia can download without jailbreak? For this, common question can provide both Yes and No answers.  So this is not make sport of you and 50% true insert and 50% fake.

Actually, it is a nice dream which think the use Cydia application without jailbreak. Without removing Apple limitations, there are not any ways to install Cydia. So again you will ask why I provide yes answer.

Actually, there are so many alternative apps for unique Cydia application, which are providing third party applications. However, we cannot expect same job with alternatives, which is servicing Cydia applications.

Some of the alternatives not require jailbreak status for install Cydia. That’s why users are having these kinds of questions.

Can Cydia alternatives provide same service like Cydia providing?

No Cydia is unique application any alternative cannot provide same service. In these kind of alternatives do not have many third party applications.  Some of them have less than 100 applications. So alternative is not a good option to Cydia?

Why users searching alternatives?

Some users not like to use Cydia on IOS because they have indefinite fear about jailbreak. Actually, jailbreak is not dangerous process, or it will not out of order your Device.  If you have failed during Cydia installation, can restart the process and start from beginning. If some day if you want to uninstall can do it just 1 minute.

Cydia alternative list

Apple store

This is the real alternative for Cydia and it is an official app store for IOS users. However, users cannot customize the Device using Apple store app and not require jailbreak because it is default app.


If you want to skip jailbreak, this is the best solution because it not requires jailbreak. However, cannot find much apps like in Cydia.

iMods Download

Still in beta process and as per Developers once it releases users will love it and never think to jailbreak. To install process, Developers going to introduce re ban jailbreak process. Actually, it is working process like profile.  Once install it you will have name and password to signing.


Like the name processes also same. No longer requires jailbreak to install. However, still have limited number of applications.

Install Cydia using iFile

If you have already jailbroken your device and Cydia has been disappeared accidentally you can use iFile to restore Cydia.

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30 thoughts on “Download Cydia without jailbreaking

  1. This apρ iѕ capable of ԁoing downlοading and installing а lot of the apps on Cydia ( along with several of it’s own apps.

  2. It is surely a sensible proceed to explore your options before spending your funds on something and know if you might be even obtaining the features you expect out of your software. It could be jailbreak using jailbreak tools for example blackra1n, l1merain,spirit jailbreak and several more. any how we are expecting cydia atleast next year.

    • Hi I have a problem my iPhone 5 ios 7.0.4 jailbreak already but month later lost cydia because I played it so how can I get it again without computer ? Thank

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